Model railway locomotive and rolling stock construction in gauges 4mm / 00 and 3.5mm /. HO, plus 7mm, 1/4 inch and 1/45 scale Gauge O. Work also undertaken in Gauge 1 10mm and 3/8 inch scales. Special expertise in the narrower gauges and in outside frame prototypes.

NEW for January 2017

There are a number of updates still to come, but as usual I've got behind. Back in June I made the mistake of buying a Pultra precision lathe (well, actually I've ended up with three...) but forgot that last time I did something like this, it took around 7 to 8 months before I could gather together all the necessary tooling to use the damn thing....

Pultra 1760 lathe
Pultra 1750 plain lathe

However, I've managed to add two more features to the Press Cuttings page. The ROD Couverts have made it into December 2016 Continental Modeller, and there's also a piece that I found in the archives about giving the old Hornby LBSCR E2 tank locomotive body a scale(ish) makeover that appeared back in 1998 in British Railway Modelling

Hunslet 'Waril'

It is early days for this project, but I have finally decided that I am going to be doing at least a couple of the Sand Hutton 'Waril' Hunslet well tanks for myself in 1/32 scale. These will be for 16.5mm gauge - which, as the congnoscenti amongst you will no doubt be aware, actually comes out at 20 3/4 inches(ish) rather than the 'proper' 18 of the prototype. They are also going to be an experiment in 'jigging up' so that if there is demand, I can run a batch off without having to mark everything out from scratch again....

Waril Hunslet
Copyright Roy C. Link. Image reproduction courtesy of RCL Publications/Narrow Gauge & Industrial Railway Modelling Review

Sand Hutton / Deptford wagons

I'm looking into the feasibility of a batch of these in 1/32, with a specification that includes cast axlebox units and a mix of 3D printed parts for the body and chassis, with an etched set for the strapping.

Backwoods Lyn

Anyway, back to the current stuff. For those of you who have not guessed, the picture below is of course of the Backwoods Miniatures version of the Lynton and Barnstaple 2-4-2  Lyn in OOn9 that seemed to have occupied an inordinate amount of my time these last months.  Full details of the build are in the Locomotive Builds section, and the model now has its own entry in the Locomotive Gallery.

Backwoods 'Lyn'
Backwoods Miniatures 'Lyn' in OOn9

Gibson L & B 2-6-2 Valve Gear

After all the hard work on the Alan Gibson Manning Wardle in 7mm scale On14, I finally got to see it run recently 'under its own steam' as it were - courtesy of a YouTube clip of the model. Here it is. Just 
click on the image below ...... blow-by-blow details of the remedial work done on this model are in the Locomotive Builds section.

link to youtube

Large Scale Armour

The Armortek Tiger 1 kit has now gone. I'm still keeping a watching brief on both 1/6th and 1/16th scale military modelling,  but felt that in the current post-Brexit climate of economic uncertainty,  a Tiger 1 kit was a rather large egg to have in my relatively small basket.... Besides, Iike a silly boy I pigged out on a trio of Pultra instrument lathes, and underestimated somewhat the cost of retooling - but that's another story.

However, one of the areas I definitely will be looking at will be armoured trains in 1/35 scale, as operating models to run on 45mm Gauge 1 trackwork. Which, interestingly enough, is near enough spot on for Russian 5 foot gauge.....For the sort of quality you can expect from me, please see the images on this site and also upon the Armortek forum of the  British 25pdr gun from their Kompact Kit series that is now available for immediate delivery.

January 2016 index page image

Images: DJH Model Loco 1/87 ROD 'Baltic' tank from WWI; Armortek Tiger 1 1/6 from WWII.

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