Here are some web links which you may find interesting. My apologies if they reflect my own rather eclectic set of interests...

Armour - Modelling

Armortek - 1/6 scale metal AFVs
UK flag

Armour - Prototype

Bovington Tank Museum  - Needs no introduction. Probably the world's premier AFV collection .UK flag

Heeresgeschichtliches Museums - Vienna military museum. Holds assembled example of WWI 42cm Skoda mobile howitzer

Railway - Modelling

Agenoria Models - Now focussing on Gauge 1, Gauge 3 - 1/22.5 scale 2 1/2 inch gauge - and even 5 inch scale etched kits for modern image diesels, BR rolling stock and some steam. Check out his O8 in 1/32 scale..... NOTE as of October 2016, this link points to Agenoria on Facebook... UK flag

CSP Model Marketing - Etched railway kits for  smaller GWR, LSWR, SR & BR locos, light railway engines, industrial locos - mostly now 4mm, but some also available in the Agenoria O gauge range. UK flag

Gauge 1 Model Railway Association - 45mm gauge 1/32 scale modelling UK flag

Hallig - Vienna trams in plastic both as static and motorised HO scale models. Worth keeping any eye out for re-runs of past Vienna tram models; some of which were only available through the 'Wiener Linien' shops. Austrian

HMRS Historical Model Railway Society UK flag

Locos n Stuff - Mark Clark. Does a small but growing range of high quality 7mm NG locos and rolling stock in predominently etched brass, including a KS 'Wren and 'Brazil' - the latter in both 'stock' and Bowaters guises. UK flag

Markits - Romford metal steam locomotive wheels, gears and axles, 16.5mm, 18mm, 14mm and 12mm gauges; some for Sn3 and HOn3 too UK flag

Micro Metakit - Limited run mainly HO scale museum-quality locomotives. A range that is notable for including many classic Austrian steam designs from the pre-WW1 era. Quality does not of course come cheap (check their prices...) but there again, the quality remains long after the cost has been forgotten. UK flag

NMRA - National Model Railroad Association US flag

Narrow Gauge and Industrial Railway Modelling Review - does what it says on the tin. UK and European narrow gauge modelling. UK flag

OO9 Society  UK flag

On14 Group - online group dedicated to providing information on modelling 2 ft. prototypes on 14mm gauge track in 1/43 scale. UK flag

Peco - Railway Modeller, Continental Modeller magazines, Pecorama attraction, 7 1/4 inch gauge Beer Heights Light Railway UK flag

Sedlacek Modellstrassenbahnen - RTR and kits for many Vienna trams. Range is notable for including both service vehicles and also roadside details and transfers. Austrian flag

Zamzoodled - supplier of scale chopper couplings and other stuff for 1/43 scale narrow gauge UK flag

Railway - Prototype

Australian Narrow Gauge Railway Museum Society - Woodford Railway, sugar cane transport museum and home to several Bundaberg Fowlers Australian flag

Eisenbahnmuseum Schwechat - Based in the former Pressburger Bahn (now Bratislava) workshops, contains a fascinating collection of both SG and NG locomotives and stock, including  a KuK Rollbahn Henschel 0-6-0. Austrian

Ghega Museum - comemmorating the life and work of Carl Ritter von Ghega, civil engineer behind the first mountain railway in the world, and much more besides. By the Kalte-Rinne viaduct on the Semmering, just outside Breitenstein. Austrian flag

Das Heitzhaus - Eisenbahnmuseum Strasshof, 1österreichischen Strassenhahn und Eisenbahn Klub. Take the train out towards Ganserdorf, but get off at Silberwald for the museum - NOT at Strasshof! Austrian flag

M√∂dlingerr Stadtverkehresmuseum . Wonderful collection of Vienna trams and a couple of buses, with a particular focus upon the one-time Krauss steam tramway route - the 360 -  that ran out to the town via Heitzing, Lainz, Rodaun, and Perchtoldsdorf. Austrian flag

Museumsbahn Mladejow - two 600mm gauge Engerth locomotives are based here, one of which was converted from a WW1 Austrian 'Rollbahn' 0-6-0 after the war. Railway is also focus for annual WW1 re-enactment event. Czech flag

National Tramway Museum - Crich, Derbyshire Peak District UK flag

Workshop - Tools. Model Engineering supplies

GLR Distributors - source for ex-Kennions live steam castings , and model engineering materials and tools. UK flag

Bracehand - Spare parts for Smart & Brown and Pultra lathes. I think they will also supply new Smart & Brown machines to order, including angular contact bearing headstock Pultra 1770 and 1750, and Model L. Based in Shefford. UK flag

Lathes UK - on-line machine tool archive with manuals and specifications of lathes, milling machines, shapers etc. Some spares for Boxford and also source for belting - including Unimat SL UK flag

Tracy Tools - Drills, taps and lathe cutting tools. Prices don't seem to be that much more than for Chinese-made stuff, plus you get the option of HSS, and they also do many of the odd thread sizes that are now getting harder to get.  UK flag